30-years’ experience in HW/SW co-design and in the development of mission & safety critical real-time systems

Two HW/SW Product Lines: GeminiX and Design4Rail, together with Ancillary Engineering Services

70+ mission- & safety-critical (up to SIL4) projects completed all around Italy, Europe, Middle East and Far East

Welcome to NEAT

NEAT is a spin-off of the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), led by Simone Cabasino and Mario Torelli, which, starting from ’80, under the coordination of Prof. Nicola Cabibbo and Prof. Giorgio Parisi (2022 Nobel laureate in Physics), has fully designed and developed a family of supercomputers able to perform complex algebra calculations to solve Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) simulations.

Today NEAT is an independent company providing hardware and software Intellectual Properties (Products and Reference Designs, distributed under licenses) with ancillary highly specialised engineering services, to clients who play a major role in railway, avionics, aerospace, and industrial markets, helping them to implement mission- and safety-critical applications.

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Certified Processes

Certified Processes

From requirements to solution the Quality System achieves the ISO 9001:2015 certification and the UNI EN ISO 9100:2018. IRIS certification in progress.
Geminix 2.0 Engine

Geminix 2.0 Engine

NEAT 2oo2 HW core and SW support package for modular design of safety-critical high-reliability applications.
Railway Signalling

Railway Signalling

Custom Computers and SW Applications up to SIL 4. SW Tools and Support Services for ERTMS/ETCS products, among which our Railway Infrastructure and Layout Aided Designer.
Safety Critical System

Safety Critical System

Control systems for safety critical equipment and for emergency and crisis management.

Your safe reliable system. Everywhere.

Product Lines

Our products and our ancillary engineering services boost the development of your mission- and safety-critical applications

What We Do

The mission of NEAT is to lead all the new designs of high-availability, redundant, safety-related systems in Italy and to be increasingly competitive worldwide.

The strengths of NEAT are the technology know-how, the quality of the development process as well as the ownership of valuable development tools and other Intellectual Properties used as building blocks for successful projects.

NEAT is currently providing avionic systems, railway signaling systems and industrial control systems.



We analyze the system requirements and produce a “conceptual design document” to present to our customer the possible solutions.


Neat manages a huge and ever-increasing hardware & software database containing complete designs, plans and documentation.


NEAT is a fabless company that designs and develops custom computer systems, releasing to its customers the complete design kit.


We maintain a fully equipped laboratory allowing us to mount prototypes of our computer and to serve small productions.

Work With Us

We are looking for both recent graduates and PhDs from universities and experienced specialists to help us in building our embedded HW/SW systems, software applications, libraries, tools and frameworks in the mission- and safety-critical market. Send us your email to be contacted for an interview!

Latest News

Simplified interlocking application engineering with Prover iLock for NEAT’s GeminiX Platform

Prover and NEAT are together demonstrating the benefits of using the Prover iLock tool suite for engineering interlocking applications executed on NEAT’s GeminiX Platform. GeminiX is a SIL-4 generic product consisting of a real-time OS, redundant CPUs, and I/O modules. Prover iLock is a desktop tool for producing fully documented, tested and verified application software for railway signalling systems.

The demonstration includes:
> The Prover iLock process for generating the interlocking logic from generic specifications and graphical configuration data, with:
– simulation-testing based functional testing,
– formal safety verification, and
– generation of C-code for execution on the GeminiX platform.

> Execution on the GeminiX platform:
– cross-compilation and execution of the generated C-code using a dedicated SIL-4 task on GeminiX-OS,
– configuration of I/O, and
– connection to Prover iLock for real-time hardware in the loop testing, with visualization of generated test cases and manual interaction.

The safe function of the generated application logic (C-code) can be formally verified with the SIL-4 T2 sign-off verification tool Prover Certifier, certified by TÜV Nord.

The demonstration has been set up in NEAT’s lab, with the GeminiX hardware connected to Prover iLock via a communication link, to provide simulation of wayside objects and a control panel, as shown in the video below.

Highlights of the GeminiX platform include:
> A complete Platform Documentation Package and Application Conditions, which describe and certify the compliance for applications up to SIL4 according to the EN50126/128/129 and IEC61508 standards.
> A HW 2oo2 diverse reference architecture, that can be made redundant for reliability.
> A real-time OS-like environment, GeminiX–OS, certified as a SIL4 Generic Product on its own and also certified several times into clients’ products. It is independent from the specific hardware and includes its own complete Documentation Package.
> A VHDL Source Code, which implements diagnostic routines and generic I/O, independent from the specific hardware, certified as a SIL4 Generic Product.
> Several Reference Designs, implemented using different CPUs (Intel, AMD, ARM, …) and different bus architectures.

Signalling Design Automation with Prover iLock is a more efficient approach to develop rail control software, rooted in an engineering process based on formal methods, modelling, and automation. In addition to enhancing the development process, it also paves the way for standardization and a more open system, something that is key to drive down the long-term costs of rail control. With a development process that is not tied to a specific signalling vendor, the rail infrastructure managers can get in control of the life-cycle of their systems, and can address issues such as obsolescence with more flexibility. The combination of Signaling Design Automation with the GeminiX platform is a good example of how these benefits can be realized for an interlocking system.

Prover and NEAT will showcase their joint solution later this year at InnoTrans and you are also welcome to request a demonstration online or onsite. Please come visit NEAT and Prover at InnoTrans in Berlin, September 24-27, 2024.  You will find NEAT in Hall 27, stand 140 and Prover in Hall 3.2, stand 130. Looking forward to seeing you there!

To learn more about signalling design automation with Prover iLock please visit www.prover.com, and more information on the GeminiX Platform is available on www.neat.it or www.geminix.com.

CLEARSY and NEAT join forces to integrate the CLEARSY Data Solver validation tool into NEAT's D4R::Horizon TrackPlanner editor!

When editing a railway schematic plan, Operators must respect certain safety constraints when positioning their objects. For example, it’s crucial that transponders are placed at an adequate distance from the switches to avoid any reading error due to proximity to another track (crosstalk phenomenon, where the onboard reader in a train should not read the data emitted by the transponder on the other track).

The CLEARSY Data Solver (T2 certified) now makes it possible to quickly and securely validate that the schematic track plan realized with NEAT’s TrackPlanner complies with these constraints. Its integration makes TrackPlanner particularly accessible to Operators: a validation is performed in just two clicks, and the results, phrased in everyday language, are easily understandable. Moreover, the TrackPlanner editor is also able to highlight erroneous objects so that they can be corrected immediately, followed by a new validation.


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